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Susan Sarandon and Her Daughter Look Like Twins – Despite Being Called ‘Crazy,’ She Became a Mother at 39.

When Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon wanted to have kids, she received negative feedback. In October 2017, the experienced actress spoke out about her parenthood journey, stating that one parent warned her against having children as it could ruin her profession.

Sarandon chose to have a kid when she was in her late forties.

Despite the criticism, the Screen Actors Guild Award recipient had her first kids at the age of 39, and by the age of 45, she had three children. The adoring parent described how others reacted to each of her kids:

“‘Are you crazy?’ someone asked. Don’t!'”

The activist clearly opted not to heed to what others said, and she became a mom to Eva Amurri and boys Jack and Miles Robbins.

Sarandon has a daughter with Italian film director Franco Amurri and two boys with her ex-husband, actor and filmmaker Tim Robbins.

The “Thelma & Louise” actress is very close to her own daughter, who has given her three grandchildren. Sarandon raved over her kid’s parenting in March 2016, saying she was “proud” and in awe of her.

Amurri joined her mother backstage at political rallies and movie shoots as a youngster. The actress-turned-lifestyle-blogger described the event as “adventurous.”

Having said that, she followed in her renowned mother’s footsteps and sought a profession as an actress. She even acted in a few films with her mother.

Amurri was cast as a juvenile version of Sarandon in 1995’s “Dead Man Walking” due to her strong similarity to her mom. In 2002, the two played on-screen mother and kid in “The Bangers Sisters.” Other films in which they co-starred include “Mothers and Daughters” in 2016 and “That’s My Boy” in 2012.

Amurri broke out on her own when she appeared in the adolescent comedy “Saved!” opposite Mandy Moore and Macaulay Culkin. At a Christian school, she portrayed the tongue-tied evil girl Cassandra.

When asked about her character, Amurri stated that she had no trouble channeling her inner rebel as she was a “tomboy” growing up and was sporty. Furthermore, when she was eight years old, she used to go shirtless in the summer and “wear boys’ underpants.”

The actress recognized that she was privileged to “have a leg up” in Hollywood since her mother and stepfather, Robbins. She addressed the harsh accusations of being a Hollywood legacy, saying that such “skepticism” will always exist.

Amurri is becoming more and more like her mom, and they have many characteristics, including being stubborn. In May 2004, Amurri stated of the Hollywood veteran, and she is not sure, but she hopes she is as sympathetic as her mom.

Amurri has three children: a girl called Marlowe and two sons named Major and Mateo. The grandchildren refer to their grandmother as “Honey.”

Sarandon refers to herself as a “silly grandma,” and her kids have a “great sense of humor.” To lighten the mood, the adoring mother puts on a “clown nose” during heated chats with her children.

Sarandon noted that striving for perfection may be emotionally draining, so she quit trying to fit in.

At the first Together Heart Gala in New York City in October 2018, the New York native talked passionately about her young grandkids. They’re doing great, she remarked.

Sarandon revealed that her granddaughter is “a ferocious little clown and very eloquent,” but Major’s “personality” is only starting to emerge, since he adores cleaning and fixing people’s hair. Nevertheless, the “fearless” Marlowe considers everything humorous, according to the BAFTA Award winner. She describes them as “divine.”

The “Stepmom” star, who believes that being a grandmother is easier than being a mother, adores spending time with her grandchildren.

Similarly, Sarandon’s daughter paused her acting career after becoming a first-time mother in 2014. Amurri revealed on her blog, Happily Eva After, five years later that being a mom had always been her top priority. She’d been talking about parenthood since high school.

The redhead beauty characterized herself as an “organized mom,” explaining that she opted to leave her work to concentrate on something more significant in her life with her kid in mind.

Amurri was certain she was “done” with show business at the moment, but she would not rule out a return. She returned to work with her mom some years later. In 2021, it was revealed that the New Yorker will reteam with her mother on the Fox series “Monarch.”

The “Californication” alum claimed her mother was an inspiration for her parenthood experience. Sarandon’s daughter loved her mother even more since she worked full-time while raising her children and took them with her wherever she traveled for business. She showed Amurri that she could be a working parent and achieve her dreams.

Having said that, the mom of three stated the most crucial lesson she learnt from her Oscar-winning mother: to be “there for them.”

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