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Sylvester Stallone shares his thoughts on Bruce Willis and his terrible fight with aphasia.

Bruce Willis, 67, was diagnosed with aphasia earlier this year, and his family revealed the news to the world.

Many people were surprised and dismayed by the news, because the sickness is degenerative.

Sylvester Stallone, Willis’s longtime buddy and fellow Expendables cast member, recently spoke out about his pal.

Stallone, 75, characterized his longtime pal as “incommunicado” following the diagnosis.

Bruce is going through some really trying circumstances. As a result, he’s been rather isolated. That upsets him. It’s heartbreaking, Sly said.

Following the first notification of Willis’s illness, “Sly” offered some encouraging words to his coworker.

The two megastars met years ago through their joint engagement with Planet Hollywood in 1991. Willis’ ex-wife, as well as actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, were both interested with the project.

Later, in 2010, the pals co-starred in the Expendables film franchise. According to reports, the two started feuding during making the sequel to the picture, and Willis eventually dropped out of the third one as a consequence.

Luckily, the two reconciled over time and frequently talked favorably of one another in the press and online.

Bruce Willis and his family revealed in March 2022 that the actor would be retiring from acting due to a disease that made it nearly difficult for him to continue. Aphasia, a cognitive impairment that affects and inhibits a person’s capacity to communicate and comprehend language, was identified in the actor.

Willis has been out of the spotlight since his family disclosed his diagnosis and retirement from performing. According to sources, Willis isn’t leaving the house often because he’s “stuck” in his own head.

But, every once and a while, somebody from Willis’ family will upload a picture of him, informing us that he is doing well.

Bruce’s wife, Emma, and their kids are now doing all possible to care for Bruce. At the same time, things aren’t going well for her. In an interview, the mother-of-two revealed that caring for all of the family has taken a toll on her own health.

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