Teen Doesn’t Listen When His Teacher Asks Him To Make A Biological Family Tree When He’s Adopted And Gets The Lowest Grade.

Teachers undoubtedly know a lot and have the ability to increase their pupils’ knowledge, which is why they may become enraged when their authority is challenged and their demands are questioned. It is difficult to know everything, and they do not know everything and are susceptible to errors. Furthermore, even if they are excellent professionals, they may not be the most nice and understanding people. In this story, mom regrets striking out at her son’s teacher, but she defends him since the instructor was out of line. Read the story and share your views on this.

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My husband (42m) and I (37f) first met our son’s (17m) history teacher at his open house, he is very clearly not our biological child. I am black and my husband has dark black hair while our son is white as a ghost and very blonde, she didn’t bring up him being adopted, some teachers did, so I assumed it wasn’t an interesting topic for her.

But recently I’ve seen that that assumption was wrong. In the class as a part of a “getting to know you” assignment she asked the kids to do a family tree and specifically singled out my son and told him to do his biological family instead of us. He told us about it and said he wasn’t going to listen and just do us and his siblings (one biological to him, one also adopted, and the other biologically ours). He came to us a few days later saying he had been going back in forth with the teacher because she gave him a 1/20 for not doing his bio family.

She then contacted me because he wasn’t listening to her, in one of her messages she calls my son a liar because he “misquoted” her by saying she said “real family” when she really said “biological family.” This is where I start to feel like an a&%*ole, I told her I didn’t give enough of a f&%k to play semantics with her and that she was a stupid bi&^h for saying that he didn’t follow instructions when no where does it state on the assignment instructions that it had to biological family she even said that people could include their pets, that’s not a biological family member. To me, he has no obligation to oblige by rules that only apply to him and serve no one any benefit.

I proceed to call her a stupid bi$%h again because a part of the assignment is talking about your families personalities, his bio mother passed away and his bio father went to prison when he was four and neither of them have attainable family members. So if he did do it her way half the assignment would be missing.

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