The Dog That Helped Save A Child’s Life By Keeping Her Warm…This Made Me Tear Up

Dogs are amazingly loyal creatures. Over in West Poland, a dog. literally a puppy itself, was the sole company of a three year old child, named Julia when she went missing. Spending the night out in the literally ice cold, the dog kept the girl warm for the duration of that evening, until she was found the next day by a search and rescue team. The girl was immediately taken to the ER, but was verified to be mostly OK.

Temperatures fell to as low as 23 degree Fahrenheit that evening, so you can imagine the surprise and relief search and rescue had finding her. Over 200 firefighters, seeker dogs, volunteers, etc, went out to search for Julia, but it only took one puppy to keep her safe.

Wouldn’t The World Be An Amazing Place If We All Lived Our Lives Like This?

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