This Baby and Pit Bull Puppy Are the Cutest Companions. I Confused Them As Brother And Sister.

These two babies are so chummy, you might almost mistake them for brother and sister. Eisleigh, only 10 weeks old when these pictures were taken, and Clyde, a cute little pitbull, are the closest of friends, even at this early age. They get along so well that Clyde will jump in on Eisleigh’s bouncer to sleep with her.

We think it’s the fact that they have so many common values, such as a shared love for sleeping a lot, and being naturally adorable, that has led to this unusual kinship.

Of course, they do more than sleep together, and you can see Eisleigh’s eyes light up when they are together. It really makes you think, that the reason dogs and humans get along in the first place, is they really do find something in common, in a very primal, elementary level, that we just do not fully, consciously, scientifically understand.

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