This Cat Is Going To Amaze You With What It Manages To Pull Off. Hero Kitty Cat Helps Dog Escape.

In this short video, you can see a cat recognizing a poodle stuck behind a wall, and for reasons that still aren’t clear, decided to help it get out. What happened was it found a dog’s head peeking out from below, under a metal siding in between concrete sections of said wall. First it tries to help push the dog’s head out, and then, it goes all in and enters the crevice itself.

We can’t see what it does from then on, but whatever it did, the next thing you know, the poodle is out! The cat came out soon after.

So, is this the case of a detained animal, or a pet doing something naughty? And why would a cat want to help a dog out in the 1st place? Feel free to replay this video and decide the truth for yourself.

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