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This Dog Was Tied & Left Inside A Sack Until They Saved Him. Poor Dog Just Couldn’t Stop Crying.

If there’s anything that exceeds human cruelty towards animals, it is human kindness. This rescue comes with a hint of irony, actually, as the rescuers were actually a bunch of hunters. While they were out searching for rabbits, however, they ran across a bag left there by someone with malicious intent.

The bag imprisoned dog, still very much alive and struggling. He was tied up in the bag in such a way that it would not be possible for him to get out.

And so, these men came out with the intent to kill animals, but ended up rescuing one instead. At least, when you hunt, you kill without ill intent, perhaps for your own self preservation, so these hunters were really just showing their true character.
Many of us believe we have dominion over the animals. Animals would be better served if we were better stewards and caretakers for them.

His reaction says it all that it’ll be very hard for the poor dog to trust anyone after this incident, since the last person he saw before his traumatic experience did this to him.

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