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Top 10 Heart Melting Adoption Stories That Show Unbiased Motherly Love

We have been sharing many instances of interspecies adoptions here in HrtWrming, but the truth is they happen more frequently than you would imagine. What is it that leads animals to adopt young of a different species? Is this the same instinct that makes us want to adopt children, or to buy or adopt pets?

Many of these adoptions are truly unusual, as you can see many of these animals let their adopted young nurse from them. You would not even think they could drink that milk, and yet they go ahead and feed.

Scientists are only now starting to understand the social qualities that animals have, that lead to interactions that go beyond the propagation of the species or predator-prey relationships. Maybe these are qualities that we also have, and we can take heart in their universal nature. You can read about ten more examples of surprising, heartening inter-species adoptions below.

1. Dog feeding deer baby

2. Monkey mother feeding kittens

3. Dog feeding kittens