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VIDEO: Elderly Liquor Store Owner Makes Armed Crook Scream: ‘He Shot My Arm Off!’

He did a lot of hunting when he was a small child, the 80-year-old California liquor shop owner shown on camera opening fire on a would-be thief with a shotgun.

The early Sunday encounter at Norco Market & Liquor in Norco, located east of Los Angeles, caused the armed suspect to flee, shouting, he shot his arm off!

He would always defend his staff, customers, and himself. Luckily, he was here by himself in this case, so he only had to be concerned about that. He took care of it, and that was the end of it, the store’s owner, named as Craig Cope explained.

He used to go hunting a lot when he was a youngster, he continued. He’d set the table with food. As a result, he recalled events from a long time ago.

Cope also said that he believes more individuals should vote and vote the right way, and he thinks the politicians… This isn’t going to get him on the right side of a lot of people, but there’s a whole lotta people out there, they have no idea what it’s like to try to run a small business.  

There are evil individuals, and they don’t need them. When that occurs, they need to have them locked up as it is a frightening scenario, he added. Everyone works really hard. They needed to pay their debts. These men will come in and take it away from you. Not in this place.

Cope stated that as the situation occurred, there wasn’t much time to think about it.

He stated that he is not waiting when one aims a pistol right at him and the shooter that is close to him and Cope said he can see what the shooter is carrying. 

The business owner also stated that the first sign that anything was about to occur was when he observed the culprits drive into this parking lot by the front entrance, but they didn’t park where a regular person would park, so that was a red flag.

When Cope saw them come out of the van with gloves, masks, and a weapon, it just sealed the deal for him. He realized what was going to happen, he continued.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, the 23-year-old shooter seen on security footage carrying a rifle was subsequently found dead at a local hospital “suffering from a gunshot wound associated with a shotgun blast.”

He is still in critical but stable condition and will be arrested upon his discharge.

Three additional guys, who authorities claimed were inside a getaway vehicle throughout the planned heist, are in arrest and face robbery and conspiracy charges.

Cope, for his part, returned to work on Tuesday after having a heart attack as a result of the shooting, according to media sources.

Liquor Store Owner Shoots Armed Robber With Shotgun

An 80-year-old #California liquor store owner is being hailed a hero after shooting at an armed robber. As the suspects pulled up to his store, owner Craig Cope was watching them on the monitor getting ready to defend his business. When the robber came into the store with an assault rifle, Cope quickly shot the person with a shotgun, hitting the suspect’s arm. Cope reportedly suffered a heart attack from the ordeal. He was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay.

Posted by Inside Edition on Tuesday, 2 August 2022

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