61 years On From Their Wedding Day, A Husband Wrote One of The Most Touching Letters To His Wife

The wedding proposal wasn’t much of anything, but 61 years on, a husband made good with one of the most touching letters someone has ever written for his wife.
Bob Phillips, 87, remembers the uneventful way by which he proposed to his wife. He simply asked her as she went out of his car, after taking her home one day, back in 1953.
On the 61st anniversary of that wedding, Bob chose to express his love for her by writing a touching letter, and then having it published on a local newspaper in North Carolina, the Charlotte Observer.
You would think, after 61 years, that couples would not need excessive displays of emotion, but that assumption is plain wrong. Marriage, more than any other relationship, is a tumultuous thing that has to endure the travails of time. If there’s ever a time you needed confirmation of love, it’s 61 years going.
You can read the lovely letter below.

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