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When They Rescued Her, They Didn’t Expect This Dramatic Reaction From Their Autistic Son

Who rescued who? That is a valid question when talking about Xena and Johnny. Xena was herself the subject of rescue a few years ago, when a stray puppy pitbull, heavily emaciated, was found in someone’s yard. No one knows what she went through then, but she was miraculously rescued that day, and managed the slow, but amazing road to recovery, thanks to the loving care of foster parents.

Xena was able to pay it forward to her eventual forever family, as she formed a strong bond with the son Jonny. Jonny did not even acknowledge the other dogs in the house before, but he formed a strong bond with Xena. That bond paid dividends, as now Jonny has dropped his anxiety, is better able to cope socially, and has basically improved the quality of his life thanks to Xena. Today, Xena and Jonny’s bond remains strong, and their family has been sharing their story to inspire others around the world.

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