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Woman left half-naked after stumbling on the treadmill while wearing leggings.

This is the awful moment a woman’s pants were pulled down on a gym treadmill after tripping over her shoelace.

Alyssa Konkel, from Illinois, opted to go for a run on May 24 while at the gym.

The 26-year-old, clad in a pink shirt and black leggings, is shown in a viral film tripping on the treadmill track and frantically clinging to the handles.

As the machine continues to roll, it snags her leggings and tugs them down to her ankles, revealing her bottom before launching Alyssa over the back.

She felt so humiliated, Alyssa added. She had to go right away and was sprinting at the gym when her trousers were sucked off!

The treadmill was on [level 10], so it was moving fairly fast, Alyssa said.

It wasn’t until she saw the film that she realized her shoelace was undone, and she stumbled and fell.

She leapt up, like a boss, to pull her trousers up since her buttocks were showing, and that’s when she let go.

She injured herself; her face, lips, knees, and shins are all skinned.

Thankfully, the gym wasn’t very crowded, but the woman who sprinted back approached her to inquire if she was okay.

Alyssa posted the video on her social media accounts.

The whole video shows her sprinting on the treadmill for many seconds. She looks to trip and lose her equilibrium for a fraction of a second.

Despite her best attempts to keep her arms out, she struggles to stand up straight and grabs for the machine’s grips.

Alyssa’s legs come into contact with the end of the machine, which she is powerless to stop at the time.

Her arms helplessly clutch to the grips as the machine’s rollers abruptly push her clothing down, leaving her defenseless.

She eventually lets go and seems to crash headfirst on the moving treadmill, arms at her sides.

Alyssa, defeated, is tossed from the machine and falls to the ground.

This also occurred when she was ten years old and skinned her chin, so now she is particularly frightened of treadmills, she said.

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