Woman Sees Scared Girl Being Abducted Near School, Plays Role Of ‘Mom’ To Thwart Kidnapper.

It was early morning in Santa Ana, California, when a local woman became a true hero for one young girl and her family.

12-year-old Amy Martinez was on her way to school when a female stranger approached her, grabbed her and began to drag her away. Amy immediately began screaming for help, and luckily for her, a nearby woman didn’t hesitate to answer her calls.

The woman – who chose to remain anonymous — pretended to be Amy’s mother and screamed at the would-be kidnapper to let the girl go. It worked, and Amy was quickly released from the stranger’s hold. Amy was taken to the safety of her school, and police were called. They later captured and arrested the woman, who was later described as homeless.

For Amy and her family, it was truly a blessing that a ‘Good Samaritan’ was so close by.

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