Woman Skips Her Mother’s 5th Wedding To Attend A Long-Awaited Job Interview, Gets Called A Jerk For Missing The Big Day.

Weddings are fun and enjoyable. We can all agree that we want the best for the people we care about, and we will do our best to attend all of their major occasions. However, if living with them has been difficult, attending such activities may not be as tempting. Read this story and let us know what you would have done if you were in the daughter’s place.

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For the past few months i (26 f) have been unemployed and desperate for a job and i finally got an opportunity for a job at asda (a popular British supermarket) but the date overlapped with my 52 year old mother’s fifth wedding.

Over the span of my life my mother has been in over 50 relationships, only 5 lasting more than 2 months, as a child this really distressed me as i had many random men coming into my house frequently and my mum was pretty much neglecting me throughout this, my dad left when i was 4 after my mother cheated on him with 6 guys (i found this out a lot later) and i didn’t have contact with him until i was 18. After all of my mothers relationships (and 4 divorces) she finally insists she has found the right man and invited me to their wedding 2 weeks before my interview and I realised they were the same date.

I figured that going to the interview would benefit me more than the wedding and decided to go to the interview instead, i assumed my mother wouldn’t mind as I had attended every wedding before that but I was wrong. She was very angry at me and my whole family has been calling to tell me how much of a Jerk I am for missing my mothers big day. I did get the job though and now I am financially stable enough to afford rent for my 1 bedroom flat and I do not regret a thing. 

Am I a Jerk in this situation? What are your opinions?  How would you react after hearing such accusations? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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