Woman’s Boyfriend Told Her To Put His Name On The Title Of House She Bought And People Are Not Happy About It.

Moving in together may present various obstacles for unmarried couples, especially if done in the early stages of a relationship. Giving up personal space might be difficult, but it can also disclose many long-kept truths. Furthermore, everything, even funds, may be shared. But where should the line be drawn?

At the end of the day, regardless of how comfortable two individuals in a relationship are, it’s important to consider things through before agreeing to move in together. They believe that if you love someone, you must accept all of their defects. However, others argue that love is insufficient, particularly when it involves money. Yes, housing is included.

Erika Strong Rodri, a realtor, started a TikTok conversation in February 2022 when she replied to someone who told her that her boyfriend wanted her to add his name to the title of the property she bought in 2021.

@erikastrongrodri No. Tell him It’s just a piece of paper 😉 #financetiktok #moneytok #thatgirl ♬ Two Moons by BoyWithUke – boywithuke

Her partner recently moved in with her, she purchased this property a year ago by herself. He wants her to add him to the title because he will be paying for things around the home, the lady said in the video she released.

Rodri, on the other hand, warned the lady not to do it. “No. “Just tell him it’s a piece of paper,” Rodri suggested.

Many individuals agreed with Rodri, with one suggesting the lady urge her boyfriend to pay her half the current market value of the property if he wants his name added to the title.

Another participant said that such incidents should be regarded a warning signs, citing her own experience with her friend’s divorce from her spouse.

One lady also replied, explaining why it’s unpleasant to communicate things with their partners and disclosing that she had to battle for custody of their dog.

But some people told her that if she decides to marry him, she should get a prenup to safeguard herself in case the worst happens.

Do you concur with Erika Strong Rodri and others who say the girl shouldn’t put her boyfriend’s name on her property title? What are your opinions on the matter? Let us know what you think, and please forward this to your loved ones who may be interested in this topic!

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