Workers Installing Metal Posts Heard Something. A Cruel Prank Had This Poor Kitten Covered In Concrete.

Do you know any kids who would do mean things to animals at construction sites? We hope you were not one of those kids yourselves, because this video will fill you with shame. A group of construction workers took an unexpected break from working when they heard the screams of a small thing. They traced it and it turned out someone had covered a kitten in concrete and hid it under a pole. You could plainly see the poor things body trapped in quick dry cement, while its head and top half was still out there, crying for help.

What did you think these workers were going to do? Of course they took out the kitten from the pole. Of course they took care to break the cement around the cat. Of course they rescued it.

We hope you see this video to the very end, before thinking back if you or someone you knew was the kind of person who would do something this cruel. We hope you realize the value of a life.

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