Wow, Baby Pandas Slipping & Sliding On A Slide Are Too Friggen Adorable

Chengdu Panda Base is a nonprofit organization that does breeding and research for the giant panda, still an endangered species. Since 2012, they have been able to breed 108 giant pandas.

And what do they do with said pandas? Apparently there’s a lot of fun to be had when you’re caretaker of these adorable little panda cubs.
At first, the cubs try to figure out a swing. Unfortunately, the thing is broken so they can’t really do anything about it. And then, one of their caretakers leads them to the slide and shows them how to use it. It really does not take long for the cubs to get into it. You can see and hear that they’re enjoying the sensation of going up and down as any human kid would.

That’s not all you can watch the sliding in snow below.

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