You Won’t Believe How Cute These Terrier-Rottweiler Puppies Are. Oh, and the Dad is the Terrier.

We have news of a new dog breed mix being discovered for the first time! Although this one was kind of found via serendipity. We’ll explain.

Basically, Yorkshire UK dog owner Teresa Patterson received the shock of her life when she found that her male West Highland Terrier, a small, if lovable breed, impregnated her Rottweiler, the gigantic guard dog we have all been taught to fear from many a prison movie.
The resulting puppies have been dubbed Wotties, and as you might imagine, even at their young age, they’re taller and bigger than their father. They also inherited their mothers black hides, but, take after their dad’s physical features, as well as a bit of his messy facial fur.

The UK Kennel Club confirms that for the 250,000 pups they have registered, this is the first time they have run across Wotties. It might not happen again, however, as their owner has revealed that Joey, the terrier, is visiting the vet in the very near future.








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