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You Won’t Believe What This Cat Did To His Friend. I Hope The Cat’s OK.

Do you think your cat is a jerk? Maybe you have always been waiting to see evidence of something like this.
In this video, two cats peer in downwards on a basement door, wondering what could possibly be inside. One of them is a little more curious than the other, and starts making its way down the stairs.
The other one sees its mate in a prone position, and instantly recognizes the opportunity. Without provocation, it pushes the other cat down, and down it goes, hitting things (probably ladder steps) and screaming along the way.
What would make a cat do this to its fellow? Jealousy? A long borne grudge? Outright malice? Or was it just a prank gone wrong?
Whatever the case, I have a feeling the other cat is not going to be too happy when it gets back up. Oh, I’m sure it was fine, cats are good at surviving falls. Surviving other cats, though, is a different matter entirely.

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