A Paramedic Responded To A Car Crash. Later, She Learned The Dying Victim Was Her Daughter.

A paramedic treated a teenage automobile crash victim who was so seriously damaged she was unrecognizable, only to discover later that the victim was her own daughter, who died as a result of her wounds.

In a Facebook post on November 18, EMT worker Jayme Erickson of Alberta, Canada expressed her deep, incomprehensible anguish over the loss of her 18-year-old daughter Montana.

They are overcome with sadness and completely devastated, she wrote. The pain she is experiencing is unlike any suffering she has ever experienced; it is incomprehensible.

Erickson described the November 15 tragedy at Airdrie, north of Calgary, as her worst nightmare as a paramedic.

Upon arrival, they discovered two patients with wounds, one of them was trapped and badly injured, she stated. She waited in the car and did whatever she could to help the badly wounded woman until firefighters extricated her.

Erickson’s shift ended when the kid was taken to Calgary’s Foothills Medical Centre.

Her doorbell rang minutes after she arrived home, she wrote. Her life was permanently altered. (RCMP) had been at her house to notify her that her daughter had been involved in an accident. Her own flesh and blood was the seriously wounded patient she had just attended to. Her only kid, her doppelganger. Montana is her daughter. Her wounds were so severe that she didn’t recognize her. She was rushed to FMC to meet her child, and her wounds were determined to be fatal.

A family representative, paramedic Richard Reed, revealed in a news conference that Montana and a friend were heading home after walking dogs at Big Hill Springs park when their car was hit by an approaching truck.

Despite the cold evening, Reed stated, Jayme stayed in the car for nearly 20 minutes, confirming the patient’s C-spine was stable and her airway was clean. On her drive back, she voiced her anguish and fury to her companion, realizing that a family would almost certainly lose their daughter, sister, and grandchild tonight.

Reed said, Jayme was unintentionally saving her own daughter’s life. As a parent and a first responder, she can assure one that this is a horror.

Corporal Gina Slaney, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Southern Alberta District media relations officer, states that Montana was a passenger in the head-on crash and was taken to the hospital by STARS Air Ambulance. Montana’s friend was unharmed in the collision. The truck driver received minor wounds.

Montana arrived at the hospital in critical condition, according to a STARS representative.

Erickson and Montana’s stepfather, Sean, are friends of Chad Durocher, platoon chief at the Airdrie Fire Department, and his paramedic wife, Deana Davison.

On occasion, Montana babysat for them, and their kids spent time together, Durocher tells. Montana was a gorgeous young spirit with a really pleasant personality.

Montana, who had two stepbrothers, was a competitive swimmer who aspired to be a lawyer, according to Davison. She had been scheduled to graduate this year.

Erickson shared her heartbreaking loss on Facebook.

She is grateful for the 17 years she had with her, but she is broken and left wondering, What would she have become, her beautiful girl? What kind of person would she have been? She’ll never see her graduate and walk across the stage again, she’ll never see her marry, and she’ll never know who she would have been.

It is with a heavy heart and profound, unimaginable sadness that I must write this to inform my friends and family of…

Posted by Jayme Erickson on Friday, 18 November 2022

She said she will treasure the memories they created and the time they spent together. She is completely broken and shattered.

During the news conference, Erickson stated that her coworkers who are parents realize that this is their biggest dread, adding, they comprehend, even though it is not their daughter, it is their daughter.

Montana was an organ donor, which her mother referred to as her “final gift.”

They’re happy to hear that their baby daughter is going on through others, Erickson said, and that she has rescued other individuals in the aftermath of this catastrophe.

Authorities are still investigating the reason for the collision.

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