Pit Bull Rescue Dog Becomes Kentucky Police Department’s ‘Paw-trol Officer’

A pit bull mix named Bolo, a rescue dog from Kentucky, has achieved a unique role as the first “paw-trol officer” at the Hopkinsville Police Department (HPD). Mayor James R. Knight Jr. swore in Bolo during a city council meeting on November 7, a ceremony captured in a video shared by the City of Hopkinsville on its Facebook page.

Bolo, who garnered applause and adoration from onlookers, took the oath pledging to support the citizens of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in his capacity as a Paw-trol Dog. The canine left his mark on the oath document with an inky paw print, marking the special occasion.

The city’s Facebook post highlighted Bolo’s journey, mentioning his initial visit from the Christian County Animal Shelter and how he won the hearts of HPD staff. Bolo’s official induction as the department’s first Paw-trol Officer was met with excitement, with the city expressing anticipation for his career in law enforcement.

HPD also shared the news, featuring a photo of Bolo proudly displaying his new badge. The department congratulated Bolo alongside his “coworkers” as the latest addition to the HPD Paw-Trol Dog team.

Bolo initially arrived at the police department in early October through an adoption event with the Christian County Animal Shelter. What was intended as a temporary visit turned into a permanent stay, as the department decided to adopt him after he captured the affection of everyone during the #PawtrolWednesday program.

The program aimed to showcase shelter dogs at the police department every Wednesday to boost their visibility and adoption prospects. However, Bolo’s charming demeanor led to an unexpected change of plans. Chief Jason Newby explained in a Facebook video that everyone fell in love with Bolo, leading to his adoption when the time came for him to return to the shelter.

Royale Marfil, the HPD public information officer, described Bolo as initially “shy and timid” during his time at the shelter. However, since becoming a part of the police department, Bolo has been showered with treats, pizza crusts, and biscuits by the staff. Additionally, he has participated in community activities, such as reading to children at a local library during “Hometown Heroes storytime.”

Marfil expressed joy at Bolo’s constant happiness, noting that his positive demeanor brightens her day when she arrives at work. The story of Bolo, the Paw-trol Officer, highlights the heartwarming connection between a rescue dog and the police department, creating a unique and uplifting tale.

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