Kelly Ripa Declares ‘No Phone’ Rule for Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving at the Consuelos residence is set to be a technology-free affair, according to Kelly Ripa. On a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the couple discussed their decision to implement a “phone basket” during the holiday meal, prohibiting the use of phones at the table. Ripa expressed reluctance about the idea of a locked box, emphasizing that the intention is not to create anxiety but rather to ensure a focused and connected dining experience for this one occasion.

Mark Consuelos, in agreement with the plan, mentioned their three children—Michael, Lola, and Joaquin—coming home for the holiday. In a lighthearted manner, Consuelos suggested that he might inquire about his kids’ personal lives to restore their phone privileges, jokingly proposing questions about grades, post-college plans, and aspirations.

Ripa playfully cautioned Consuelos against making the interrogations too intense, highlighting his tendency to delve into discomfort. The couple has been mostly empty nesters since 2021 when Joaquin left for the University of Michigan, and Lola, having graduated from NYU, occasionally resides at home. Michael, pursuing an acting career, has worked on Bravo shows, including the Real Housewives franchise.

During a guest-hosting stint in July, Andy Cohen, a friend of the family, expressed amazement at working with Michael, describing it as a full-circle moment. Consuelos praised his son’s diplomatic approach to his projects, avoiding favoritism.

Lola, their only daughter, recently ventured into a music career, releasing her second single, “Divine Timing,” in July. She teased more music to come, emphasizing the need to resist rushing the creative process. Joaquin, the youngest, is actively involved in college as a member of the University of Michigan wrestling team. The couple frequently visited the campus to support him and celebrated the team’s success in the 2022 season, where they were the NCAA league runner-up in Joaquin’s freshman year as an athlete.

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