All Her Childhood She Was Thin Shamed.

Source: Reddit

I was thin, really really thin for the first 20 years of my life. I was called many many names and was constantly bullied throughout my teenage years. As a young teenage girl, having a very thin frame, I naturally did not have any curves which lead to boys and girls in my class openly calling me a “manchester”, flat-ironed, walking stick, etc etc. I was constantly on the receiving end of many disgusting jokes and no matter what clothes I wore I was always deemed a “hanger”.

This lead me to have severe body image issues to the point I hated going outside especially if I had to go somewhere where I would need to talk to strangers. Everyone I met always told me I am too thin and I need to gain weight. I knew that I was thin but there was nothing I could do. It was genetic, both my parents were skinny when they were young and no matter how much I ate I just couldn’t gain weight.

Women relatives and acquaintances of my family constantly reminded my mom that I would have a hard time finding a guy because I have no curves and that she must take me to a doctor to sort out my “hormones” and metabolism. Well I was taken to a doctor when I was 17 who did an array of tests on me and found out all my hormonal levels were perfectly normal. He then told my mom, to just have patience and unless she wanted me to become a po*nstar he did not know what the fuss was about.

I slowly started gaining weight naturally from when I turned 21 and by 25 I had filled out my body and held an ideal weight for my height. Unfortunately I still have body image issues and tend to always wear clothes that cover my whole body. I absolutely hate getting any comments about my weight or frame even if they are compliments.

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