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Anna Duggar Takes All 7 Of Her Kids To Visit Josh Duggar In Prison In New Photos.

With fewer than ten years remaining on Josh Duggar’s prison sentence, his children were certain to visit him at some point, and we now know they have. Anna was recently pictured visiting Josh in jail with her seven kids, and it apparently did not go well – and not just because seven children may be difficult to manage.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, a frequent Duggar critic, revealed the information in a recent Instagram post, along with a photo of Anna and her children outside the federal detention facility in Texas.

Anna and Josh rarely spoke, didn’t kiss or embrace when they saw one other, and the kids didn’t want to contact with Josh, she said in the post.

The visit occurred in December, just before Christmas. According to a video Katie Joy posted on her YouTube channel, a source stated that Anna spent the majority of her time chasing after the kids particularly Maryella, who is now firmly in her toddler years and not really connecting with Josh himself. Meanwhile, Josh’s primary concern was the children, not Anna.

Josh mostly engaged with the younger children.

The elder kids had virtually nothing to do with their father, according to an eyewitness who happened to be there that day, visiting a loved one serving time at the same institution.

Families that come to visit have access to things like board games so they can have fun together, but this was not occurring. In fact, the larger kids allegedly wouldn’t even look at their father, let alone talk to him, raising the question of whether they had a better knowledge of what his actions may have entailed.

Things did not appear to be going well for Josh and Anna.

According to Katie Joy, they hardly murmured a word to one other and were sitting on different sides of the table.

They didn’t even touch, they didn’t even greet each other with a hug or a kiss, and they didn’t even say goodbye with an embrace or a kiss. It was quite unpleasant, In the video, she stated.

It appears that Josh and Anna’s love may not survive his sentence.

He’s just been at Seagoville for a little over a year, and the pair already appears to be coming apart. Perhaps there is some truth to the Anna and Josh divorce rumours after all.

In any case, it couldn’t have been easy for Anna to make such a lengthy travel from Arkansas with all seven of her kids – and we doubt she’d want to do that very frequently!

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