At The Age Of 16 Doctor Informs Her She Couldn’t Become A Mother.

“When i was 16 I was informed that i would most likely never become anyones mother.

At 18 Jay went with me to a doctors appointment in June right before we moved to N.C where the doctors explained once more that i wouldn’t have children. I cried like a baby in the car and told him I understood if he didn’t want me anymore…and his response was ‘Girl i believe in God, I don’t give a damn about your doctor you’re going to have my baby just watch.’

I remember this whole convo and just how nonchalant and unbothered he was by my doctors opinion.

When i told him i was pregnant his response


Myles was wanted and loved so much long before he was ever born. JoWarren named him on our 2nd date.

‘One day you’re going to have my son and I’m going to name him Myles’ we were at outback. I was like how you figure I’m going to have your baby one day though? Lol. We moved to NC and got a 3 bedroom home and the day we moved in he said this room will be my man cave, and this one will be Myles’ room.

We used to argue about “Myles” long before he was born. It hurt to keep fantasizing about a child I’d never have. It really bothered me this fantasy child had a name. JoWarren’s obsession with this “Myles” was bothersome to me and I wanted him to shut up….But he wouldn’t because he said “Your science is dumb because God says we can have a Myles and you don’t even believe.” We had religious debates all the time and he was angry with me because my faith wasn’t strong. Even when I became pregnant all I talked about was miscarriage. I refused to get attached to this baby. I was excited but everyday miscarriage was on my mind..and then still birth…and i was so negative and he was just famous for the one line ‘God promised Myles.’

JoWarren’s faith carried us all the way…and I say Myles was made with SCIENCE and God and Jay says Myles was made with LOVE and GOD. All I know is NOV 7th 2010 JoWarren sat in front of me at Outback steakhouse and promised me one day I’d have a son named Myles…and he didn’t lie.

I wish i had a father who prayed for me long before I got here and who wanted me as much as Jay wanted Myles…I wish every kid had a father like that.”

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