At The Airport Mother Noticed This Young Woman Crying Alone.

Story by Brianna Battles

Tonight, sitting at the airport in Salt Lake City, I met a 19 year old young woman who was in tears when we came to sit near her. Jared and Cade went to fill up their water bottles and I sat alone, listening to this young girl cry.

I had to say something.

I’ve been the young girl crying in the airport.

I said, “I’m really sorry you’re having a hard evening.” And before I could say more she told me how tonight she was leaving for her mission in Guatemala. She won’t see her family for nearly 2 years and she told me she already missed her mom so much.

She was scared.

She was nervous.

I just tried to tell her how strong and brave she is, and how a life of service is an honorable one. Transitions are always hard and in order to feel the reward, we have to feel some hard emotions, first.

We kept chatting and I realized how nervous she was about the airports and solo travel. I tried to give her some reassurance and guidance.

And then I asked her if she would like me to pray with her. I am not Mormon, nor am I “deeply” religious. I was nervous, but I knew she would appreciate that offer, as I watched her flip through her scriptures.

We prayed, and I asked God to protect her, to help her learn from this opportunity and allow her find a whole new version of herself during this exciting chapter.

And then, we made sure she could pre-board with us for some peace of mind.

Emily, I’m so glad we crossed paths. If you were my daughter, my sister or me 10 years ago, I think I would appreciate the well meaning crazy lady who couldn’t let you cry alone this Tuesday night. 💞

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