Biker Gets Her Nails Painted From This Little Girl.

“While riding my bike home from work I spotted a young girl (4th grade) sitting on the curb in front of her house with a sign that said “Ru’s salon” every person that walked or rode past she asked if they wanted their hair or nails done for one dollar. I watched 3 people tell her “No” and each time she put her head down in disappointment.

As she was getting ready to sit down I yelled from my bike “Hey whatcha up too “she turned around with a big smile on her face and said “I have my own salon and I’m doing nails and hair for $1, do you want to get yours done?”

The young girl (Ruin) and I talked for a while about her day, her salon and her summer. Unfortunately I had somewhere to go so I couldn’t get my nails done, so I told her goodbye and told her I’ll stop by tomorrow. A block or two later something told me “forget your plans and turn around” I turned around and stopped at the store to get change and biked back to “Ru’s Salon” to find Ruin packing up to go back inside. I called her name and her face just lit up with a huge smile. She was so excited that I came back.

During my nail painting session she talked about being outside for hours and talking to so many people but everyone said “No” or “I’ll be back tomorrow” and that I was her first customer of the day. She also said she thinks people only said they would be back tomorrow because they didn’t trust her nail painting skills because she was a little girl. Ruin promised me that she would be extra careful with my nails so I can tell all my friends about her. She went on and on about her business plan to start off charging one dollar and moving up the prices once she establishes some customers lol.

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Her exact words “When my mom takes me to the nail shop she pays 15$ to get my nails done and I am only charging $1 so I have the better deal” I don’t know about you, but what 4th grader do you know that would rather make money sitting on the corner NOT begging but doing something she loves –hair and nails.

I know this was a very long post but MORAL OF THE STORY support our babies/young people.

FYI “Ru’s salon” is located on 34th n Columbus South MPlS Hours vary.”

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