Boy With Disability Gives Back To His Bullies BIG TIME.

Source: Reddit

I have Tourette Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disability that causes me to make movements and sounds I can’t control. A lot of people think it’s just involuntary cursing, but it’s not. Less than 10% of people with Tourette have cursing tics(involuntary movement or sound), and note that I’m part of that 10%. It’s important to the story. There’s painful movements along with it, and it’s not fun. Also, this story takes place around…4th grade? 5th Grade? Maybe 6th? Well, we were young enough that those girls didn’t understand anything about my disability, and I didn’t know much about it myself because I was so new to the subject. Tourette usually doesn’t show until around the age of eight, so I was only recently diagnosed.

So, my (ex)best friends and I were sitting at a table. Let’s call the girl who did it B, and and the other friend W. We all were chatting, and I suddenly have to get up to go to the bathroom. B yells out some random word(something to do with utensils, I think?) once she thinks I’m out of earshot. Then she tells W, “Sorry, just ticcing(ticcing means doing the involuntary movement or sound).” And she and W laugh. I’m particularly angry about this, so after I come back from the bathroom I sit down, look B straight in the eyes, and go, “F**k you! Sorry, just ticcing.”

Not my finest moment, and I’m definitely not proud of it because faking tics is a BIG no-no for me, and I really don’t like when people do it. But I was just so angry about it that I went ahead and did it, since it WAS one of my tics at the time. Needless to say she knew exactly what I did, and never made fun of my disability again. Also, I found new friends after that year.

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