Boyfriend Tells To Hold On Her Periods For Their Weekend Getaway.

Source: Reddit

I can’t believe this actually happened to me.. I’ve been dating this guys for 5 months, we never really had any issues or never really had any arguments until last weekend. We planned a weekend getaway at my parents’ weekend house in the woods and we were really excited for it. We got there on Friday night and on Saturday I woke up and I was on my period. I wasn’t supposed to be at least for another 4/5 days. My period was pretty much always on time so I didn’t even think it wasn’t gonna be now. But when I’m on my period, I always have horrible cramps, I took a pain killer but it didn’t help much.

So I obviously told my boyfriend and he got really mad at me. Apparently he came there to go hiking and have sex and stuff but well that wasn’t gonna happen now. It wasn’t my fault tho. I can’t control my period but apparently that’s something he doesn’t know. He literally said that I should have waited and hold it in until we were back home… because yes that’s exactly how it works… I’m so mad at him right now, it was so ignorant of him to say that. And it’s not like we can’t go there any other time really. I don’t understand his reaction…. We haven’t spoken since.

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