Cameron Diaz And Drew Barrymore Are Proof That Female Friendships Are Super Important

While many Hollywood friendships have come and gone over the years, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore’s is one that has lasted the test of time. Few Hollywood friendships can compete with theirs. They’ve supported each other through it all, involving divorces, kids, and tabloid scandal.

Their friendship has demonstrated two things: 1) they are #goals, and 2) female friendships are extremely vital. Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore have a long history of friendship.

Diaz stated in 2011 that when they were adolescents, they first met. They have known each other for so long. They met when Barrymore was 14 and she was 16. Cameron and Drew would hang out in Hollywood or Beverly Hills when they weren’t modeling or performing.

Diaz continued that she worked at this coffee shop or this soda store, and she used to hang out there, and they got friendly.

When Cameron started performing, the girls rapidly moved from friends to sisters. Drew approached Cameron after her breakthrough performance in The Mask and asked if she wanted to be in the Charlie’s Angels revival in 2000. This ingenious idea resulted in two Charlie’s Angels films, both starring Lucy Liu.

Both films went on to be huge successes, grossing over $250 million. The experience of working together also strengthened Drew and Cameron’s best friendship. They’ve been gushing over each other in interviews ever since! For example, Cameron recently told ‘InStyle’ that Drew has the “most incredible heart.”

She remarked that she is one of her closest girlfriends, however the way she loves everyone around her is truly unique. She gives so much of herself and accepts so much from others. She said she didn’t have a solid family, so friends are her family.

Cameron proceeded to rave over Drew in ways we can’t get enough of. “Drew, she has a large heart! She doesn’t even wear it on her sleeve; she’s as simple as a heart.”

Drew has raved about her lifelong closest buddy in the past. In an interview she stated that if she ever found herself in jail, Diaz would be her first contact.

Yes, these two are the “buried the body” buddies that we all require.

The type of buddy that will assist you in burying a body with no questions asked. A genuine ride or death situation! They both have a similar free-spirited temperament, as seen by their photos carrying champagne on the streets of New York City.

Drew released the incredible flashback photo in 2020, along with a tale. “2003 greets 2020,” she started.

“It was the [New York] premiere of Charlie’s Angels 2, and she had leased an old school bus decorated with Christmas lights and rubber chickens to get them there!” Drew penned a letter.

With no way to go to the Charlie’s Angels: They walked to the Full Throttle premiere, of course, with champagne in hand. And they are still all like peas in a pod.”

Yes, this pretty well sums up their friendship – and the companionship we all require! Love both the talented and beautiful actress.

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