Couple Was Not Ready For The Surprise When Mother-In-Law Takes Them To A Restaurant.

Source: Facebook

This is how I know Texas is great! My mother in law took my wife and I to Sam’s restaurant in Fairfield, Tx after we evacuated. Our waitress who we had never met before waited on us and heard about our situation. She handed my wife this paper, we did not look at it till we got to the parking lot. We opened the note to see a 100 dollar bill we walked back in to tell her we could not take her money. 

Her reply was she had gone to the back and prayed on it and she refused to take the money back. She then offered us a table a chairs if we needed them. My friends and family if you are in Fairfield make sure to stop by Sam’s restaurant and see Mary, tip her well and show Texas gratitude! This is what Texas pride is made of! 

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