Crying Employee At McDonald’s Came Running To The Car For This.

Source: Facebook

Emotional day. I went to McDonald’s today a place I never go to but I’ve been working so much I just needed something quick. I get to the window and the young man handed me my coffee. I noticed the cuts on his wrists. Tears just started flowing. When he came back to give me food he saw me and said “sir are you ok.” I told him “I’ll be ok if you just promise me to keep fighting. I can see your peace has been drained and your happiness has been stolen, but God is getting ready to grant you a joy that can never been taken from you.”

I pulled away and just sat in the parking lot to get myself together. 5 mins later that young man came running out to my car crying and asking me to pray with him because today was the first day he felt alive and that someone cared for him in 4 years. Today he gave his life to Christ!!!

And I’ll be meeting his parents to get him some help later this week!!! Church doors maybe closed but God is still moving. Y’all continue to pray for our young people. We are all in this together!!!

Isn’t this a wonderful story? Pass it on to all your friends and GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

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