Customer Was In Tears How This Manager Treated His Special Need Employee.

“So, my son Jasper and I were on our way home from Vanderbilt and he wanted CiCi’s pizza. I found one in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and we stopped to eat.

We were the first customers of the day. Once inside, I noticed an employee sitting alone at a table having lunch. I later learned that her name is Diana and She appeared to have some mental and/or physical challenges.

While we continued to eat our lunch, I noticed that the young manager, Brandon, came by to clean her table and take her plate away. It was then that I saw something that helped restore my faith in humanity. The manager, Brandon, came back to Diana’s table with a napkin in hand and gently wiped her face while she just smiled at him.

As a parent of a special needs child I was almost moved to tears by this simple gesture. Just knowing that there are people like this in the world gives me hope. He didn’t know that I was watching but, I assure you I made him aware of what I saw and how much it blessed me. His response was ‘I just try to treat people the way my grandparents taught me to.’

I think about how often we are quick to share our bad customer service experiences on Facebook. I think that we should be just as quick to share these experiences as well. So, if you’re ever in Murfreesboro, Tennessee…. stop in and see Brandon and let him know how thankful you are for people like him.”

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