Daughter Overheard Her Step-Mom Talking On The Phone About Her.

I’ve been living with my dad and my stepmom for about 3 years now. Before moving to his house, I often visited and I always had a good relationship with my stepmom. We were not that close though, it was a good relationship but I never felt that special confidence with her. It took time to accept that my dad was never coming back to my mom and that he was starting a new life with my stepmom (they have 2 children now) She’s a nice person, they do have their own problems (like all relationships) but she’s really nice with me and have never disrespected me or anything like that.

Anyway, today I overheard her talking on the phone, and she said “I’ll tell my daughter to send you the picture, I think she’s awake now” And like…..I stopped for a second and didn’t say anything. Next thing I know she walks towards me and asks me to send a picture to one of her friends. Honestly, I don’t know what I felt. It was a mix of emotions circling around my head and now I can’t stop thinking about it. It was amazing, I almost cried. It made me really, really happy. I feel like I’ve finally done something right..

Source: Reddit

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