Daughter Said She Could Handle This But Her Dad Headed Straight For The Rescue.

“When I got a flat tire on I75 just south of Findlay today, I was ready to accept the challenge of changing it. However, it was 5:15pm and traffic was flowing heavily – especially the 18 wheelers flying by unable to get over. So I called for some lights just to keep the traffic over so I could safely get this tire changed.

And do you know who they sent? A WOMAN! They knew I was a woman and they knew I had a tire to change. They must have also known that we were more than ready and capable of tackling this challenge.

Together, Trooper Teri Cavin and I removed the spare, loosened the lug nuts, jacked the car up, removed the bad tire, put on the new, tightened the bolts, removed the Jack, and put the old tire in the spare’s place. Oh, and we did it in about 20 minutes!

Meanwhile, my Pops had gotten wind that I had a flat tire. He jumped in his car from Cridersville (45 mins away), and headed straight to my rescue. I told him it was ok, we could do this! I told him we would be done by the time he got there. I told him he didn’t need to come.

He got on the road anyway. Because that’s what Dads do. And because every other time his baby had a flat tire, he came to my rescue. But what he forgot is that those other few times, he handed me the tools and let me help. He taught me that you loosened the lug nuts before you jack it off the ground. He told me to be careful with the jack, as you have to place it under the correct part of the vehicle. He reminded me “righty tighty” and “lefty loosey.”

By the time I called him to tell him I was back on the road, he had made it to Findlay and was turning around to get on South bound where I was. I felt awful that he drove that far. He just said he wasn’t sure if I knew how to do it and he didn’t want me stranded. It was then that I reminded him, that he TAUGHT me what to do in this situation so I could do it if I needed to. He helped raise this tire changing female. And I am so grateful he did!

Before I left the side of the road, and after a ton of “Thank You’s” to Trooper Cavin, I did what only a woman would do- I reached out and gave her a hug ❤

So here’s to strong women:

May we know them
May we be them
May we raise them.”

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