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Daycare Teacher Sends A Fat-Shaming Note To Mom Of 5YO Son Saying, “Put Him On A Diet & ‘Go Away'”

Every kid needs love, care, and encouragement from their parents and instructors as they grow. While it is completely OK to assist a youngster in making sensible decisions, condemning them is not the way to go about it. A Texas woman was proud of her little kid. But she was taken aback by a message put in her son’s lunchbox by his daycare teacher.

Posted by Francesca Easdon on Sunday, October 28, 2018

Kyler, Francesca Easdon’s kid, was sent to daycare with a nice message from her. The kind mother penned a touching message that stated, please tell Kyler that his mother loves him and that she is thinking about him. Thank you very much!

When her 5-year-old kid returned from the Rocking Horse Day Care Center in Kingwood, an additional note was added to her letter. She  included this message in Kyler’s lunchbox, hoping it would make him happy at lunchtime, but unfortunately, she received this in response from one of the instructors, said the concerned mother in a now-deleted Facebook post.

According to the letter, “No! GO AWAY! Put him on a diet!” The message took Easdon by surprise. It took a minute for what she even saw to process, and she just kept re-reading it and just stood there for a minute, the mother explained. 

Posted by Francesca Easdon on Sunday, May 20, 2018

She even mentioned that her son has been attending the same daycare for the previous three years. Naturally, she was furious and immediately contacted the school. She  was at the school first thing this morning, waiting for the director with her mother-in-law for a meeting,the mother wrote on the post.

When she spoke with the institution’s director, she was assured that the event was being investigated. She said, though, that they exhibited no remorse. While she was at work, the teacher who wrote this message admitted and was dismissed, however nothing was done about the other incidents.  They have no regret for their acts. She is upset that she put her faith in these individuals to care for her child, and this is what she got in return, the lady said on Facebook.

The mother stated that her son was a finicky eater and that she had previously discussed his diet with the school. She never anticipated them to humiliate her kid. She is  merely assisting him in making healthier choices. Rather than his school being supportive, she is really shocked by what occurred, Easdon added.

Easdon, irritated by the incident, registered her kid at another institution. Kyler has been withdrawn from this daycare (Rocking Horse Kingwood) and is now enrolled at a lovely new facility. She is  apprehensive about the additional expense, but she’ll make it work no matter what. Kyler’s safety and level of care are prioritized, the mother stated. She concluded her Facebook post by urging other parents to conduct thorough investigations into the daycares where their kids are enrolled.

A Rocking Horse spokeswoman termed the staff’s actions an absolute shame.  They also stated that the female employee who was involved in the event had been sacked.

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