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Donny Osmond shares emotional moment with brother at his last concert.

Merrill Osmond, Donny Osmond’s older brother, is also a talented performer. Donny made sure he was there to watch the iconic performance after the elder Osmond confirmed his final-ever concert a few months ago.

The musician tweeted a snapshot of himself and his brother on stage, where Donny held his elder brother warmly from behind.

It was a night he’ll never forget, he wrote with the photo. He attended his brother Merrill’s farewell concert in the United States. As he watched him, he became a fan himself, singing along with the other fans packed into the Westgate Theater, where they had performed together in the 1970s. He invited him to join him at the conclusion of the event, and as he sang his final song, he couldn’t resist except hug his brother goodbye. Yes, it took all of them to create The Osmonds, yet Merrill’s voice was responsible for the sound. It was an incredible experience. He thanked his brother.

This heartfelt encounter between the two brothers is quite touching. Donny not only attended his brother’s final show in Las Vegas, as well as uploaded a nice picture with a caption thanking his brother for his efforts to his little brother’s profession.

Donny spent years performing as ‘The Osmonds’ with his four elder siblings. Throughout the mid-1970s, the ensemble was extremely popular. They were honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003 for their achievements in music.

These brothers make it a point to always be there for one another. Donny Osmond made a wonderful effort to encourage his older brother at his final engagement.

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