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Family loses two children after negligent driver ran red light – they need all our prayers.

Debbie Amaya, 35, was accompanying her 16-year-old daughter Jade and two more children, Chris, 13, and Damian, 2, to meet their grandmother.

The family had hardly just begun their trek when the unforeseen occurred. A fast car ran a red light, resulting in a deadly collision.

The irresponsible motorist slammed into Debbie’s SUV, and the force propelled the vehicle more than 100 feet, slamming it into a fence and a parked automobile. Everybody in the SUV was seriously hurt.

The negligent driver struck numerous parked automobiles before his own vehicle ‘erupted into flames.’ He then jumped out of the engulfing flames.

According to a witness, the driver rushed out and shouted to her, “He’s like, he murdered those kids?” and the answer was ‘Yes.’

Things were different in Debbie’s SUV. Jade had minor injuries, while Debbie was also freed after undergoing surgery. Her two boys, on the other hand, were not so fortunate. They were both killed in the crash.

My beautiful Chris. I love you so much your beautiful smile. This is a never ending nightmare and cannot come to terms…

Posted by Samantha Valadez on Tuesday, 10 January 2023

13-year-old Chris Amaya-Pineda died nearly instantly after the incident, but two-year-old Damian Amaya-Pineda fought for his life and lived for a week.

The family had become numb as a result of the trauma and anguish caused by the deaths. A mother should never bury her kids, a saddened Debbie added. And it pains her so much that she didn’t simply lose one. She had two boys who died.

Mario Pineda, the dad, was the only member of the young family who was not in the car at the time of the tragedy. He was working at the time.

The family is still dealing with the tragedy of losing two members so abruptly and viciously. After the disaster, Jade, 16, suffers from survivor’s guilt.

Debbie, her mother, said that her daughter even told her that she felt terrible because she had survived. Her mother urged her not to feel that way… She longs for her brothers.

While Debbie battles with her own guilt about feeling accountable for the tragedy, despite the fact that it was not her mistake. She didn’t see it coming, she added, sobbing. She had no idea it was going to happen.

The Pineda family’s relatives and friends came together to support the family during this tough time. They created a campaign to help pay the costs of funerals, hospital expenditures, and other expenses for the family while they mourned. In little over a week, the campaign raised more than $85,000. Even though they mourned their loss, the family felt grateful.

The Amaya and Pineda families wish everyone to know how much they treasure and value all of their prayers, care, and assistance, Debbie’s sister said.

While the family is distraught and will need time to recover from this loss, all we can do is express our sympathies and hope that they will overcome.

Please join us in extending our thoughts and prayers to the Pineda family. Share this article so that others may do the same.

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