Family Started Talking Trash About The Soldier’s Cooking Skills But His Daughter Made His Day.

Source: Reddit

I have been deployed a while and returned home to visit my wife and daughter. While I was home, my mom and her husband came to stay with us as well as some of my in-laws.

Early in the morning, I bought some pancake mix because my 3 year old daughter had never had them. I made her a few, coated in syrup and slightly overcooked and odd shaped. My brother in-law watched me and made one right after and it was perfect in color and shape.

Everyone in my family, in my own home began talking trash about my pancakes, mom, her husband, my wife, bro in-law, and his wife. I didn’t really care or pay attention because I looked at my daughter who had been smashing the pancakes and syrup on her face. I asked if she liked them and gave a high pitched “mmhhmm” while smiling with food in her teeth and little legs swinging back and forth under her chair.

That was a good memory. I want to remember that before I die.

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