Father Films Himself With His Daughter’s Friends And Goes Viral.

Dads can do some pretty far-out things. And sometimes, it’s pretty amazing. Blanco Brown came up with “The Git Up,” which involves a whole lot of dancing.

Aside from organized groups, even regular families are getting in on “The Git Up.” The Git Up is country. It’s rap and it’s a tune that works to get those feet, and legs and hips moving.

The video is fun to watch and inspires lots of people to get involved with co-workers, family and friends. It shows exactly how each step is performed. Several have created their own videos of the challenge and have uploaded them.

One day, while his wife was away from home, a guy named Johnny had his daughters and their friend joined him in “The Git Up” challenge and filmed it. And it was going to be a surprise for his wife. They all seemed a little nervous at first then relaxed a little.

Of course, had they known that hundreds of thousands would be viewing their video, it might have never happened. But there was a lot of dipping, sipping and hip and shoulder slipping.

And after a short time, it all seemed to be coming together. When Johnny’s wife, Haley, returned home, he showed her the video on YouTube.

Says Haley: “What i loved most about my husband doing this with our daughters and their friend is that this was a surprise for me! I had a pretty bad week and I came home to a clean house and a performance, and none of them knew the dance before this day. They had practiced it in the hours that I was gone. So this video was a one-take and I think they all did great considering this was the first day they had practiced it!”

She ended her comment by saying: “Hubby got major points from me.”

There’s a good chance cleaning up the house while she was gone didn’t hurt either.

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