He Finally Knows The Truth About His Best Friend’s Disappearance.

Source: Reddit

I’m so overwhelmed. This doesn’t feel real.

We were 9, something happened, I never saw her again. I heard so many rumors. My parents acted so shady and never gave me a clear answer. I truly believed she may have died, given everything I was being told at such a young age. My memory feels so fuzzy from that time.

I always thought, if she was alive, something bad definitely happened.

Today she popped into my mind again, and I realized I might be able to find her on Facebook. I never use Facebook, I just have it to have it. I managed to find an inactive account with her name.

Under the family members tab, I saw the name of her sister, which I hadn’t heard of before. I found her sister on Instagram and sent a message, we talked and I got the truth.

My best friend was mutilated by a dog… but she survived. She had to get 28 stitches in her face, and hadn’t returned to school. She moved to another state sometime after. I moved to a different state as well when I was 13.

She’s alive, I’m texting her number right now. It’s so great catching up. We’re both 19 currently, and I’m so happy I am able to formally thank her.

When I was a child, nobody liked me. Not even my own parents. I was always well behaved and morally good, but too “weird” for anybody to enjoy my company. But she did. She made me feel accepted. After she stopped coming to school and I heard a hundred different rumors about how she died, I truly thought I lost the one who treated me like a human. After all these years, I can thank the person from my childhood who didn’t treat me like a monster.

Today, I got my closure, in the best way possible. I got the truth. What actually happened to her, and also the fact that she survived.. I’m so happy. My friend is alive, and I’m alive too. We were outcasts and we survived in a judgmental world, we’ve grown to be healthy, stable adults. We did it. We survived, against everything we have been told.

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