He Posted His Wife Pics On FB That Are Going Viral.

Source: Facebook

Five years ago I watched my wife cry the first time she held Rylen’s tiny body in her hands. Her finally becoming a mother after years of trying, fighting, wanting and praying all came together. In that moment, the overwhelming emotion of finally becoming a mother, expressed itself as she cried tears of joy, happiness, relief, disbelief and gratitude.

Today, I watched my wife cry on Rylen’s first day of Kindergarten as she held his body in her arms. Today, the overwhelming emotion of realizing her baby has suddenly become a boy, expressed itself as she cried tears of sadness, fear, disbelief and worry.

She will cry again in future years, tears of frustration during puberty, tears of nervousness when he starts driving, tears of pride when he graduates, tears of loneliness when he moves out, tears of accomplishment when he marries. I will have my camera ready to capture those moments also, as this is what unconditional love looks like…

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