His Girlfriend Called The Cops On His Brother For Drunk Driving.

Source: Reddit

We’ve been together for three wonderful years and I love her. She’s the outspoken, stubborn one. I’m the quieter one. I don’t like confrontation and usually let her take control in situations where there is confrontation because she always handles it respectfully and with grace, but with a firm hand as well. 

A few weeks ago, my brother was hanging out with us. He drank a bit too much, and Grace made it a point to tell him that he was not driving home. She took his keys, but once she left the room, he grabbed them and laughed and left. When she came back to see him missing, she was extremely upset. 

I offered to go collect him and bring him back, and I tried to, but he was long gone by that point. And when I got home, she was on the phone reporting him as a drunk driver to the police. Well, naturally, they picked him up, arrested him, and tossed him in jail. 

Grace’s dad and uncle were killed in a car accident when they were getting back from dinner. Drunk driver slammed into their car, killing her dad on impact and her uncle didn’t make it through the night. Grace survived, walking away with a broken leg and concussion and scrapes. She has no tolerance for drunks or drunk drivers. Everyone knows this. 

Everyone also knows she’s the one who called the police and had him picked up. The family has now waged war — telling me that she’s not welcome at family gatherings until she “makes it up” to them by showing that she really cares about our family. To them, it was an act showing that she “didn’t care” about our family, and didn’t want to look out for us. 

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