Husband Leaves Her When The Twins Were Discovered With Autism And Cerebral Palsy.

21 years ago, Ma Zhiqiu gave birth to twins, Hangjun and Yaunjun. Both were born with autism and cerebral palsy, and Ma’s husband quickly sank into a deep depression because of it before divorcing Ma.

She had to quit her high-paying job and become the sole carer for her boys. And, yes, it has been a struggle every single day. But for the now 47-year-old Ma, she wouldn’t trade a day of it in for anything in the world.

The slightly younger one, Yaunjun, is able to take care of himself better and helps his mom with his brother. He also is a talented singer and is in competitions all over China, winning awards for his performances of Italian and Russian pieces. And Ma has been teaching Yaunjun how to look after his brother when she’s no longer around.

Says Ma: “Both boys are beautiful and I don’t regret anything.” 

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