“I Feel Absolutely Zero Remorse”: Boss Prioritizes ‘Bro Code’ With Sexist Employee Over Female Employee’s Safety, So She Makes Him Lose Everything.

Sexism at work can take various forms, ranging from “subtle” comments to overt approaches. And none of them are attractive. Unfortunately, bosses frequently overlook them and fail to take proper action. However, in the story the owner of the gas station where she worked actually sided with the monster who was regularly harassing her. Continue scrolling to read how she got back at them.

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So I worked at a gas station. I was hired as a regular employee and given the manager position after he found out my mom used to be a few years prior to my working there and I knew the ins and outs of the store. I was the manager for 2 years and my boss hired a guy 2x my age who did not like having a young female boss. He was trying to tell people he was the manager, that he was gonna take my job and hire whomever he pleased. I reported it to the owner. Owner didn’t do much.

Well a few months in we got into a fight (employee and I) and he threatened me with violence and My boss took the guys side! The employee threatened to beat my a**…And I told my boss, I wanted to fire him and hire someone else. He spoke with the employee and I got “bro coded”. Basically He took the employees side of it all because bro code, and dismissed the fact that he had threatened me and let me go. Needless to say I was FURIOUS. 2 years I worked my a** off for this man from 4:30am till 10pm or later, most days alone, mostly 6 days a week. I’d been sexually harassed, assaulted, robbed and I STILL STAYED. But this dude comes along and you take his word over mine? Nah, homie. I got you.

My boss forgot all of his utilities, deliveries and basically EVERYTHING was in My name because he barely spoke english and the companies always dealt with me anyway. He had so much trouble communicating in english it was just easier to have me do it and I knew all of the Vendors anyway cuz of my moms job there years prior, nothing had changed except we added a few new things to bring in business (That I advertised and did all the work for mind you.)

I canceled EVERYTHING. I called every single Vendor, All his utilities and deliveries were stopped in their tracks. The “Employee” He so loved and respected and such, Yeah that idiot got arrested a month after I was fired. For what? Assaulting his girlfriend. Soooo….He lost everything and had to sell the business within 2 months. I feel absolutely ZERO remorse for it because he put a grown ass man’s hurt feelings over my physical safety and I was not having that sh*t. If I had to go back, would I do things differently? Maybe. But Do I feel remorse? Nope. I built that company for him the best I could as a 20 something year old girl. I took all of my loyal customers with me and about 75% of them still won’t go there because of what happened. They still come to wherever I’m working.

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