“I Woke Up Yesterday With 6 Kids – And Today I Woke Up With 9”

Source: Facebook

Yesterday I woke up with 6 kids. We got home late from swimming and at 9:30 pm our phone rang. 3 kids needed a place to go.

Why would they call us? We already have SIX kids!

Well because social workers had been driving around for almost 4 hours trying to find somewhere for them to go. So at 11:00 pm – 2 of my favorite social workers – everyone exhausted- brought 3 precious kids to our house.

I woke up yesterday with 6 kids – and today I woke up with 9.

That sounds ludicrous doesn’t it?

But if not us… who?

We have 9 because there ARE NOT ENOUGH foster homes to house the kids who need them.

So side eye me at Wal-Mart if you may. But….

I dare anyone to say this is too much for us. Because it is.

I dare you to say someone else should – who?

I dare you to say that we should have told these kids “no.” How could we?

A friend reminded me today – Jesus himself was born in a barn because everyone said no there isn’t room.

I’ll make room.

Stepping off my soap box now….


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