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Kind nurse adopts a terminally sick patient’s dog so that he would not have to go to a shelter.

It’s never simple to find a new home for a dog, but it’s extremely difficult when the owner has died. The dog must not only cope with the pain of losing their beloved owner, but also find someone to care for them.

It may be a challenging move, but thanks to a very compassionate nurse, one dog recently got the perfect new home.

Kim Still works as a nurse at Gwinnett County’s Northside Hospital Gwinnett. One of her patients was an older, terminally sick woman with whom she built a personal bond.

As her death approached, the woman was concerned about what would occur to her favorite puppy, a chihuahua named Jax, once she died.

She didn’t have any children. She didn’t have any relatives around. All she really had was this puppy, Kim explained.

To make matters worse, after the patient died, the family instructed Kim to transfer the dog to a shelter.

Concerned about what would occur to her late patient’s beloved dog, Kim went above and above by adopting the dog herself!

Kim rushed to the shelter and adopted Jax, guaranteeing that he would have the finest life with her.

Before she died, the patient apparently felt Jax was in excellent hands and was able to “pass quietly.”

It was a chance for Kim to support a patient in a way that extended beyond healthcare, and it demonstrates the genuine personal connection developed between nurses and their patients.

On top of that, she couldn’t stop herself from adopting Jax. She claims the small puppy already adores her.

Kim’s out-of-the-ordinary politeness garnered her praise from her coworkers. She was honored with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

Kim Still is the most recent DAISY Honoree at Northside Hospital Gwinnett. Kim's story is one that showed not only…

Posted by DAISY Foundation on Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Thank you for adopting Jax, nurse Kim Still! We’re so thrilled this sweet puppy now has a home after his owner passed away. We believe his owner died calmly, realizing her baby was in capable care.

Positively 23ABC: Nurse adopts terminally ill patient's dog

A dog found a new home with a Georgia nurse who went above and beyond for one of her elderly patients.

Posted by 23ABC Bakersfield on Wednesday, 27 July 2022
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