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Little Girl Was Just Riding Her Bike, Then ‘The Punishers’ Pull Up With A Message.

Alexandria Reynolds of Toledo, Ohio, wasn’t sure why her girl Audrianna was having trouble in school, but she had an idea. The 7-year-old enjoyed riding bike. She desired to ride her dirt bike whenever she could, which is something not many girls her age do.

Audrianna began receiving criticism from her friends after merely riding her bike around her neighborhood. Things just grew worse as the anguish became more intense. The first grader at Marshall Elementary School had been bullied for over a year. It may be because she’s a tomboy, but who knows, her mother expressed. Whatever the cause, Alexandria realized she required aid to halt Audrianna’s bullying.

Alexandria was motivated to enlist the assistance of “The Punishers,” a police enforcement motorcycle group in Toledo, by her daughter’s passion for dirt bikes and motorbikes. “The Punishers” eagerly accepted, charging into the area with a clear statement: bullying would not be allowed.

While the members of this biker gang may appear dark and frightening, which may dissuade bullies, they are far from it. Rather, these roughnecks have enormous hearts, particularly for the young kids who are cruelly bullied at school. Make no mistake, these men are tough – but only when it comes to bullying.

Her mother inquired whether they would send a birthday card. Just to let Audrianna know that there were still nice individuals in the world. He assured her they’d do far better than that, Daniel Bushey, president of “The Punishers,” recalls. Audrianna was given a vest and a pink helmet by the motorcycle club, but that’s not all.

The first thing they thought of was how they could support her in any way, Bushey added. They purchased her a vest and told her to think of them as her uncles, and she is now part of the family, so let them know if she requires anything, he continued.

The organization, which is made up of service members and first responders, had an instant connection with Audrianna. And support wasn’t the only message these men wanted to share. The motorcyclists all worked together to astonish Audrianna with a motorbike trip to school. They hung out for approximately an hour and then drove her to school, Bushey explained.

Seeing the 7-year-old pull up with motorcyclists on all sides was a perfect opportunity to show her friends that she was far from lame for enjoying bikes. Her passion was actually rather interesting. I doubt any of Audrianna’s bullies were willing to stare these motorcyclists down and mock them for their hobby. Hopefully, it piqued their interest in motorcycles, which they may use to bond with their classmates.

Alexandria Reynolds remarked that she wants parents to know that if their kid is being bullied, they should do whatever they can to make them feel unique. Every kid is gorgeous. They were simply trying to raise her spirits and let her know that not everyone is rude and that the world is full of wonderful people. The men have done an outstanding job assisting them. And they don’t appear to mind in the least.

Any chance they have, Bushey says, they assist kids out. They’d do it in a heartbeat. Having a motorcycle gang dubbed “The Punishers” turn up to say no to bullying at one’s school is a huge assistance for kids like Audrianna, who frequently endure in silence. All Audrianna desires is for individuals to learn to be friendly to one another rather than bully them. With the thunder of those motorbike engines, perhaps that message was received loud and clear.

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