Married Man’s Hilarious Reason To Cancel The Flowers Ordered For His Mistress.

Source: Reddit

“Good morning, thank you for calling [Expensive Department Store] how can I help you today?”

“Oh… um… hi… I need to cancel an order please…?”

“Certainly, when was the order placed?”

“Um… about a minute ago. It was for flowers”

“Can I take the order number and billing address please?”

“It’s [order number] and [billing address]”

“Great, I’ve got this on my screen now. I’ll proceed with the cancellation and you’ll get an email confirmation shortly.”

“Oh, um… can you… not send an email? I used my wife’s email by accident. The… um… order… is for… ah… my girlfriend.”

“Oh… Sorry sir. Cancellation emails are sent automatically. As are order confirmation emails which, for this order, has already been sent.”



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