Mom Fighting Cancer Has INCREDIBLE Encounter At A Restaurant.

Source: Facebook

So today we go to breakfast at metropolis. Next to us is a family. Mom dad and four girls. At times I noticed one of the daughters looking at me and then noticed the mom looking and smiling at me. As you can c I have my cancer hat on.

Prior to them leaving the mom gets up and sits next to us and begins talking to me about her survivorship. 13 year breast cancer survivor. So we Talked for a bit and she wished me luck with everything I’m going through and reminded me to stay positive.

We finish eating and ask for the check!! The waitress said there is no check. We all looked at her puzzled and responded you didn’t give it to us yet. She told us the check was paid for already. We looked at her not understanding and she stated the woman next to us paid our bill. The same woman who took five minutes out of her time to sit and comfort me and share her experience. With that I began to cry! All I know is she is from sachem as they all had sachem shirts on.

I thanked her for sitting and sharing her story but never knew to thank for paying our bill. Maybe somehow this can be shared and who knows maybe it can reach them somehow. Thank you very much not only for paying our bill but also stopping g to sit and share your experience and remind me to stay positive and I’ll get through this just as she did.

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